You’re an ‘Athlete!’

Firstly, let’s define the term ‘athlete.’ If you are regularly participating in a particular sport like running, cycling or triathlon or even just gym… and you have some goals for particular events…. you are an athlete. It does not matter what speed, shape, gender or age you are… you are by our definition an athlete. Good on you!

Nutrition for Endurance Athletes

First, let’s clarify that we focus on nutrition to support the endurance athlete here at The Balanced Nutritionist. Endurance sports include running (everything from 5km onwards), ultra-running, trail running, cycling and longer distance triathlon.

The Exhausted Athlete: our specialty!

The ‘exhausted athlete’ is typically who we meet here in the clinic. Let us paint you a picture:

  • You are constantly injured
  • Its not getting any easier and you aren’t getting any faster and you aren’t coping with the mileage increases even though you are training your butt off
  • Heart rate control? What’s that? Yours shoots up and stays up during the warm up!
  • You just want to hit snooze… all. day. long.
  • You do remember a time when your sport bought you joy… now its mainly pain….
  • You keep getting sick.
  • No matter what you eat you don’t seem to feel better.
  • You have a big goal. But the body just doesn’t seem to want to get you there.
  • You’ve had all the ‘tests.’ Everything is ‘fine.’
  • You’ve tried all the ‘diets’ out there and you still can’t lose weight even though you train your butt off.

Ok. So this might be a slight exaggeration, but even some of these might apply to you. And we have the solution.

The Metabolic Balance® personalised nutrition program that we specialise in here also works for athletes.

In fact it works exceptionally for athletes. Why? Because Metabolic Balance® deals with identifying the foods that are causing you inflammation. And being a great athlete, and also enjoying your sport, relies on minimising inflammation. Why? Because minimising inflammation means you can train stronger, recover faster and just feel ‘well’ again.

Finish line emotion; end of Oxfam 100km

The Program

Metabolic Balance® for athletes is a comprehensive program providing a complete solution. It includes your personalised food plan and 7 nutritional consultations to guide you through from the beginning (strict implementation) to the end (making this a lifestyle for good).

For runners, we have refined the program further to include running coaching! We are so very excited to offer this as we find many athletes who see us in the clinic are lost with their training and this is an area we are unable to help with.

Amanda Neil, of GIYA running is an experienced running coach who’s philosophy ‘to build training tailored for the individual.’ If you are an endurance runner, we can provide you with a full solution that includes:

  • your personalised food plan
  • 6 nutritional consultations spread over 3-6 months to ensure accountability, adoption of habits and integration into a lifestyle.
  • 1 x 30 minute initial consultation with Amanda Neil to understand your current running routine, fitness and goals
  • 4 week individualised running plan to follow on with prepared by Amanda Neil following on from your consultation.

This is an exciting and all inclusive program we are excited to offer. To research this option we recommend you take the following steps:

  • Book an initial consultation with one of our nutritionists here
  • watch the Facebook live video that Amanda of GIYA running and Nutritionist Katie recorded, following Amanda’s own personal experience with the Metabolic Balance® program and more details about this program
  • Watch the educational session about Metabolic Balance® in general available here.

This program is available to those in Brisbane face to face and Australia wide by Skype. We have worked with athletes from Cairns to Perth with solid results.

I Just Need a little Guidance…

Don’t think you need quite this much assistance? That’s fine! Not everyone needs a full program. Book your consultation and we can help you refine things around the edges to optimise your wellbeing and help you reach your goals.

Consultations may be claimable under private health provided you have extras and Nutrition is a listed inclusion.  Please check with your own Health Fund.