Nutrition for Pregnancy and Preconception

Nutrition for Pregnancy and Preconception

Nutrition for Preconception
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Are you confused about the best way to prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy? Or perhaps you have been trying for a little while to fall pregnant with no luck and you’re wondering if nutrition may help your fertility?

We can help in either case. Both Nicole and Katie have been on their own preconception and pregnancy journeys and welcomed their first babies in August 2020. We asked ourselves the same questions that you are now:

  • What should I eat to fall pregnant?

  • What sort of exercise should I be doing if I want to fall pregnant?

  • What supplements should I take to help me fall pregnant?

  • What should my partner be eating for healthy sperm?

  • How long will I have to wait until I fall pregnant?

Sound familiar?

Although we covered off these topics in our studies, we have done considerably more research since going through the journey ourselves. In addition, we know exactly what you are feeling right now so we are well placed to support you.

There’s a lot of information we could try to cram  in right here… but we’ve created support material fornutrition for fertility you instead! We suggest you start by listening to our podcast on this very topic – Nutrition for preconception can be downloaded here. You can also read our eBook by purchasing Nutrition for Preconception and Trimester 1 as its packed full of content.

Then take the plunge and book an initial consultation with us. So we can learn about your journey so far and provide you with personalized recommendations for the best chance of falling pregnant.

Oh and above all else – congratulations. Wherever you are on this journey, it’s an exciting and life-changing one. And by proactively focusing on your health right from the start, you are giving your future family the best chance of optimal health and happiness. There is nothing more important in life.

Nutrition for Pregnancy

So you’re expecting officially? Congratulations. What wonderful news. Undoubtedly, a whole new plethora of questions are running through your mind:

  • What should I eat during pregnancy?
  • How much should I eat during pregnancy?
  • What should I eat to help with morning sickness?
  • How much weight should I be gaining during pregnancy?
  • What foods can’t I eat during pregnancy?
  • What supplements do I need to take during pregnancy?

There’s probably a million more too. It can be really overwhelming. We invite you to stop and breathe. And firstly tune into your own intuition. Chances are, if you listen hard, your body will already know the answer to some of these questions and instinctively you’ll know what’s best for your body and your baby…

But for the rest of the questions that still remain unanswered, we’d be honored to partner with you on this journey and provide advice, options, and guidance. Some of the pregnancy-related symptoms we typically assist with include:

  • Eating to prevent Gestational Diabetes

  • Eating to manage Gestational Diabetes

  • Pregnancy-induced acid reflux

  • Pregnancy-induced hypertension

  • Fluid retention during pregnancy (particularly in the third trimester)

  • Bowel complaints during pregnancy (constipation during pregnancy is particularly common)

  • Nutritional deficiencies during pregnancy (iron and vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy are particularly common)

  • And the most common…general overwhelm during pregnancy!

Purchase the eBook Now!!
Purchase the eBook Now!!

Yours and your baby’s nutritional needs actually change as you progress through trimesters. We can guide you! Start with our eBook Nutrition for Preconception and Trimester 1 then work your way through the others for Trimester 2, as well as Trimester 3 and Trimester 4. (Note: even if you are later in pregnancy, we do suggest you purchase all the eBooks and read them from the start).

Purchase the eBook Now!!

By focusing on your nutrition for pregnancy, you may prevent more serious complications postpartum. A well-nourished mother and baby during pregnancy will be far better placed to cope with the many challenges of the fourth trimester than a Mother and baby already depleted. Think of pregnancy (and the preconception period) as an opportunity to ‘bank’ as much energy, nutrition, vitality, and rest as possible. So there is less chance you will fall into a major deficit after bub is born. Furthermore, research proves that what Mum eats during pregnancy can enhance or reduce the chances of bub suffering from conditions like asthma and eczema. Even more astounding? What you eat now for the baby may impact bub’s chances of developing a chronic disease later in life like obesity or diabetes. We say this not to overwhelm you… but to empower you!

As a Mum, you already have so much potential to set your child up for a healthy and happy life.

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