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Nutritionist in Brisbane

The easiest way to work with us? From your own home, in your own time, via our online courses.

We’ve wrapped up all of our wisdom into several online courses you can access from the low price of $59. If you’re ready to start on a journey to your healthiest, happiest self TODAY visit our courses homepage for more information.

Hello! This is a ‘no numbers’ practice. Chuck out the scales (they are destroying your soul). Forget about calories (nutrition is not maths). And let’s get back to good food…. and a good relationship with food. Read more about my food philosophy here and why I’ve become a ‘no numbers nutritionist.’ 


Brisbane Nutritionist | Degree qualified | 10 years experience | Metabolic Balance certified | All consults conveniently via telehealth

Have you been told time and time again, there’s nothing wrong with you, yet you still feel exhausted, unwell, and above all else, unheard?

Have you tried every ‘diet’ (dirty 4 letter word) under the sun, every exercise program there is and every magic pill only to become more exhausted and further from feeling healthy than ever before?

Have you spent the last decade (or more) looking after your family and decided that now, is the time for YOU?

Have you… been right here, in this very place before?

Do you want to know exactly what food is right FOR YOU… because you are unique so your nutrition and lifestyle should be too? (Metabolic Balance may be for you.) 

You can’t put your finger on what exactly it is but your digestive system is totally out of whack and you really need to sort out your guts? 

Above all else, are you… completely confused, stressed out, and utterly sick of all the ‘noise’ in the health and nutrition space which leaves you with NO IDEA what on Earth you should be eating, drinking, or doing to achieve health?

Well. Hello there. If 1 or all of these relate to you, you’ve totally come to the right place. I am pleased to meet you. I am Brisbane Nutritionist, Katie King. I really want to help you feel healthy, happy and the very best version of you. A few key principles of mine:

  • Real, wholesome, unprocessed food is where it’s at. Definitely nothing ‘lite’ either.
  • Calorie counting…. yeah, I’m not a fan. Get to know your body… what it’s telling you… what it really needs. Eat mindfully and intuitively. I can teach you this. 
  • Perfection is neither healthy nor possible. Healthy eating must also include the scope to eat an ice cream without feeling overwhelmed with guilt, self loathing and the desire to ‘out exercise’ it for the following 3 months.

Read What to Expect which outlines the programs we have available and book a discovery call if you think one of these is a good fit. Otherwise, you can DIY it via my online courses here. If you want to work consult to consult, you can book your initial consultation here. 

In The Media


My journey back to health in the Courier Mail


Podcast, The Real Food Reel with The Natural Nutritionist.


A plan completely unique to you, your pathology, your body and even your health conditions and medications? Metabolic Balance is the answer. This program is a true ‘food as medicine’ approach to restoring health and vitality not for a season, but for a lifetime.

It’s a fully supported program over 6-12 months. It’s not about instant change, it’s about long-term success.  I will guide you, hold you accountable and assist you to create a new, healthier lifestyle. This program will dramatically improve your quality of life even if you have complicated medical conditions. It will also help you to achieve sustainable weight release, even if you have felt like this is an impossible battle for you.

This program surprises us every single day due to the results our clients get over and over again when they follow a truly personalized nutritional program.

Tried everything for answers and frustrated that nothing works? Well, READ and WATCH the video about Metabolic Balance first. Then book a discovery call to ascertain if its right for you.

We’ve literally put 100s of people through our Back 2 Basics program. They’ve released weight, fixed their gut, regained energy, and more. Get started on the program, online here.


We have extensive knowledge and experience around preconception and pregnancy nutrition. The right support at this precious time of your life is crucial. Read more here.

Guess what? We aren’t perfect! And we don’t expect you to be either! (Refreshing, hey?). Read about our food philosophy here.

Make an Appointment

All of our consultations are conducted via telehealth (zoom). Please read ‘What to Expect’ before booking an initial consult. You can book online using the button below or phone (07) 3063 2710.

What We Do


Real change comes when you work together for the long haul. That’s why we offer a couple of key packages that are 3-6 months in duration. Read about these under ‘what to expect.’ Alternatively, one off consults are priced as follows:

  • Initial fact finding – 70 minutes allowed. $189
  • All Follow up Consultations – 45 minutes allowed $109

**Please read ‘what to expect’ before booking.