Are you looking for professional help to make your workplace a healthier space? Read about our workplace wellness options below and listen in to this podcast about our work with The Construction Training Centre.

People learn best by doing – our workplace solutions are educational and interactive:

Interactive Seminars and Workshops at your workplace

    • We come to your workplace at a time that suits your industry. We’ve been known to start as early as 5:30am (that was on a mine site in central Qld).
    • We ensure all learning styles are covered: we utilize powerpoint to engage the visual learners, speech for the auditory learners and then we dive in and ‘do it’ for the kinesthetic learners.
    • The ‘doing it’ part means we show your team how to put together healthy meals and snacks (depending on your workplace facilities of course).
    • We have and can provide a full 30 day, wellness challenge solution for your team.
Did we mention your staff receive an eBook after our engagement full of practical tips, information and recipes? This gives them the tools to make positive lifestyle changes ongoing.

More than just Healthy Eating…

Health is about more than just what goes into one’s mouth. We’ll cover practical ways to improve hydration, sleep hygiene and stress management in our seminars, if its relevant to your industry.

Past Clients

Here are some of our past clients:

  • Allen’s Lawyers Brisbane
  • Corrs Chambers Westgarth Brisbane
  • Middlemount Mine, Middlemount
  • All Real Food
  • F45 Mt Gravatt
  • Goodlife Holland Park
  • The Construction Training Centre, Salisbury QLD
  • Ipswich City Council

Book a time to chat with us about exactly what you are after so we can tailor a solution to meet your goals.

Katie is also a regular presenter for AUSMED Nursing Education group, sharing the latest research in the field of nutrition at their quarterly seminars for registered QLD nurses.

Industry Specific Solutions

Each industry is unique and more specifically, each workplace is unique. If we don’t already have a solution suitable for your workplace, we will tailor one for you:

  • Interactive ‘masterchef’ style seminars work well in corporate workplaces. We educate your staff around the components of a healthy meal. Healthy employees are productive employees. Then they give it a go, throwing together their own lunches or breakfasts in a ‘friendly’ competition. Your staff will love it.
  • Our ‘healthy lunchbox’ session is a great option for prestart meetings and we do have our own PPE if you want us on your job site. There are different nutritional considerations for construction workers versus sedentary office workers, hence we offer different solutions.
  • You may want to give your staff some 1 on 1 time with a Nutritionist after any group session? This is a valuable add on because we can nut out changes on an individual level.

We’ve delivered workplace wellness solutions in mega stylish corporate kitchens overlooking the entire city, in the middle of coal mines and everywhere in between! Just tell us your goals around employee wellbeing and we will work with you to reach them.

Your Presenters

Both Katie and Nicole are fully capable of delivering workplace wellness seminars and workshops. For interactive workshops of greater than 25 staff, both of us will attend and support.

Got an Onsite Cafe and want a Nutritionist’s Opinion?

Perhaps you have an onsite café or kitchen that provides food for your employees. Would you like to know how healthy the food really is? And perhaps some ways to improve the menu without affecting the flavours a great deal? This is another service that we offer and have rolled out successfully at several workplaces around Brisbane. Your employees will really appreciate you making the effort to ensure there are healthy options available.

Book a time to chat with us about what you want to achieve from a workplace wellness engagement and allow us to tailor a proposal for you.

Foodie Businesses

If you own a café, restaurant or sell a product in the food and nutrition sphere, maybe you would like the insight and advice of a Nutritionist? Get in touch to discuss how we can help.

"A report by PricewaterhouseCoopers compiled in 2010, urges employers to 'make wellness business as usual' and to 'imbed a culture of wellness' throughout the workplace."

"For many industries, such as construction and mining, fatigue on the job represents a huge risk to employee safety. We can help manage employee fatigue by discussing dietary concepts like caffeine consumption, hydration strategies and appropriate food choices with your staff."

Business Owners take note:

  • Statistics tell us that the average cost of absenteeism to businesses is $2741 per employee, per annum (based on a 2013 survey)
  • More than 70% of businesses consider absenteeism to be extremely costly to their organisation
  • An Australian research study found that healthier employees are almost three times more effective than less health employees

How much are workplace absenteeism and under productive, unmotivated, disengaged staff costing you? There is a solution…

  • Global research has shown that when employee health and wellness is managed, engagement levels of employees rises from 7% to 55%, while creativity and innovation rises from 20% to 72%.
  • Employees regard wellness programs as a good reason to remain with their employer and programs benefit both workplace health and workplace culture.

According to studies, the average business will save $5.81 for every $1 invested in employee health and wellbeing*. 


Workplace Info, 2013. Absenteeism: the Latest Australian Trend. 

Australian Government: Comcare. Benefits to Businesses: the Evidence for Investing in Worker Health and Wellbeing.

*Based on research conducted in Chicago, America by the Chapman Institute.