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The TBN Food Philosophy

The TBN Food Philosophy

Our upmost priority at The Balanced Nutritionist is to guide people to adopt a ‘real food lifestyle’ and work with them over time to ensure new, healthy habits ‘stick’ so that they stay happy and healthy long term.

We work very closely with our clients and we have a very good reputation because we care deeply for their success and long term health. Our core philosophy can be summed up as follows:

1. Food has the capacity to prevent disease and the power to heal disease when given both time and respect.


2. Food comes from the ground, our trees, the ocean and our animals. It is not from a packet, a manufacturing plant, a laboratory or a drive-thru. This is not truly food.


3. Food brings families and friends together. It’s a means of celebrating those who prepared it, the resources that enabled it and the people whom we share it with.


4. Food should always be prepared minimally, but with great care. It should be consumed mindfully and gratefully.


5. Real food, along with movement and mental wellbeing is the foundation for good health.


We practice and live with this philosophy in mind always. When we work with clients, it’s these values that are at the forefront of our mind, influencing our work with you. Read more about us here