Metabolic Balance IS:

  • Food as medicine
  • Based on your pathology (blood test) results
  • Truly unique to you
  • Real food only


Metabolic Balance is a sustainable, food based, nutritional solution completely personalised to your blood results and your body.

There was a time when I was a frustrated practitioner, sifting through research to offer the best food based solutions to clients that presented with complex conditions. This included thyroid conditions, debilitating digestive complaints, hormonal problems and inability to lose weight no matter what! Then I found Metabolic Balance in 2017, completed my training in this program and am rewarded everyday because this program truly helps so many people gain back their health and happiness.

This program is food based – teaching you how to eat, just for you… for the long term. The alternative… popping pill after pill or going from one crash diet to another – gets you nowhere in the long run.

This program is:

-personalised nutrition, based on comprehensive blood test results, your own health history and symptoms, your age, gender, medications and size.

-a solution to long term health; from start to end we work with you with the goal that you will never feel overwhelmed by what to eat again. You will know how to fuel your body for your absolute best health.

Metabolic Balance is a German program, designed over 20 years ago. It was designed by and is still supported by a German medical team and nutritional scientists. each plan is completely unique. We, as Metabolic Balance practitioners, work with head office in German to ensure each program is exactly right for you as an individual.  Here’s how the program works:

  • You attend a pathology lab for comprehensive blood tests, the results of which are used to formulate a nutritional plan precisely suited to your own body chemistry. This is completely unique to each individual – partners embarking on this journey together will receive distinctly different plans.
  • Using this food plan as a foundation, 4 specific phases are followed under the guidance of us (please review the video at the bottom of this page for a detailed outline of each phase).
  • You eat in harmony to your own body with the goal to completely rebalance your hormones, minimize inflammation and reset the metabolism.

For anyone who feels that they have tried every diet under the sun to attain health and/or find a healthy weight, Metabolic Balance is for you. Metabolic Balance is about your body working as well as it possibly can…. therefore we see improvements in the most debilitating symptoms AND weight loss as a side effect of improved health.

  • The program takes 3-6 months in total and over this time hormones are balanced, chronic disease markers are improved, inflammation is lowered and weight is released. Its about health and weight management and long term change; yet another reason why I have so much belief in this program. Interested in a quick fix? This one is not for you. 

Many women with hormonal imbalances (e.g. PCOS / post menopause) struggle with their mental and physical health. Metabolic Balance is designed to balance hormones therefore restoring health and releasing weight for life.

  • The program is a true partnership between practitioner and client. A minimum of 7 consultations are involved and its this support that enables long lasting success.
  • The program is a food only plan. There are no shakes and no meal replacement bars. It’s about true nutrigenomics – the ability of real, wholesome nutrition to have a positive influence on every cell in the body. This is true personalised nutrition.

Metabolic Balance is not a quick fix. It does involve food preparation and learning how to eat for your own body. It is not based on any particular diet – it is truly just for you. It is sustainable and it may take time to reach your healthy weight but you will feel amazing on the journey because you are eating what is right… for you! It does involve embracing change, experiencing new tastes and gaining a new lease on life. It is about partnering with a coach and feeling supported. Its about creating a lifestyle and enjoying a new physically and mentally healthy version of you.

Metabolic Balance is well known as a ‘weight reduction program’ but I truly love it even more for how effective it is at addressing debilitating symptoms (because it lowers whole body inflammation and helps the entire system to work optimally). Symptoms I commonly see improve and even resolve using Metabolic Balance foods:

-Debilitating fatigue, stubborn skin issues, joint and muscle pain

-Highly reactive guts that seem to inflame with almost every meal crushing one’s quality of life.

-Painful, heavy or irregular periods like those associated hormonal conditions

-Endometriosis pain

-Hot flushes, mood changes and headaches associated with menopause

-Migraines in general

-Fatigue and inflammation that comes with autoimmune thyroid conditions


Consider that if you can get exactly the right food into your body everything may improve from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. After all, you eat several times a day and what you eat is literally the fuel for how your body works. Imagine putting the very best fuel into a beautiful, clean engine!

The latest research tells us that how we respond to foods is completely individual. Even identical twins may respond differently to the same foods. Metabolic Balance is NOT generic in anyway at all… again, each plan is unique.

Read more on Metabolic Balance here.

I’ve known Katie for a number of years now with my husband initially consulting her for help with diabetes management for cycling. She made a huge difference to his health. I did Metabolic Balance® last year with Katie and lost 15 kg ( now a size 10). I did it for health reasons not just for weight loss and I feel wonderful. I have reduced medication I was on and have more energy and a calm stomach for the first time in many years. Katie is a wonderful support person and has so much knowledge that sometimes it’s hard to keep up!! I have referred a number of people to her and she has helped them all. She is a superstar in my eyes. Janis D Feb 2019

“Within the first month of MB I noticed changes, I had started to lose weight, but more importantly I began to feel good about myself again. Doing the MB program has taught me so much, I no longer deprive my body of food to lose weight, or view exercise as something I ‘have’ to do. I now have a healthy relationship with food where I view it as something that fuels and nourishes my body. And I have learnt to appreciate exercise and working out, I am so lucky that I am able to work out! My only regret is that I didn’t contact Katie sooner and start my Metabolic Balance® journey earlier!” Katherine (thanks for sharing your story)

You can find more information that confirms the quality of Metabolic Balance® here:

-The Metabolic Balance® scientific research study published in 2010.

-More about the program including cost in full.


Please watch Katie talking about Metabolic Balance on the YouTube clip below and then book your initial Metabolic Balance consultation here.

-We love this program for athletes as well because its ‘anti-inflammatory’ nature enables optimal recovery and the best performance. YouTube clip on that here.

There are also a number of podcasts about Metabolic Balance® on The Happy Apple below:

Our Thoughts on Weight Loss PLUS All About ‘Metabolic Balance®’

February 13, 2018

Katie King and Jessica Cheney

What’s a bet that when you think of a nutritionist you think weight loss? It’s a major part of the work we do but guess what? It’s not something we EVER focus on, why? Because it’s often a symptom of underlying health issues not the cause.
In Episode 4 of The Nourished Wrap Podcast we discuss the many facets of weight loss, our thoughts around how it is portrayed in pop culture, what you can start doing today to make lasting changes and as a bonus, Katie takes us through Metabolic Balance® (MB). Metabolic Balance® is a food only, hormone balancing, weight release program backed by 25 years of research, designed originally by a German Doctor. As a qualified MB practitioner, Katie gives some incredible insight into weight loss for life. Research quoted in this episode can be viewed at these links:
-‘Program Adherence and Effectiveness of a Commercial Nutrition Program: The Metabolic Balance® Study’ available from: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3010672/
-More about Metabolic Balance® can be viewed here: http://www.metabolic-balance.com/us/the-program.aspx

If you want to do Metabolic Balance eventually, but it sounds like a big leap now…. get started on our online course Back 2 Basics as this will set you up perfectly for receiving your Metabolic Balance plan when you are ready.