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What to Expect

What to Expect

What to Expect

You are unique and we provide individualized nutrition and lifestyle advice. In order to practice safely, effectively and with this in mind, appointments are structured as follows:
Initial consultation full health history/fact finding $149 Katie (70 mins)
Subsequent consultations

review nutrition/progress/advise $109 (45 mins)

**Note: All consultations are via Zoom/phone. Clinical supplementation may be prescribed; prices vary depending on the product.

Important note as at 1/1/2021

Both Katie and Nicole welcomed babies in August 2020. Nicole is still on maternity leave, Katie is offering consultations via phone/Zoom (telehealth only) on Tuesdays from 9am to 5pm and Thursday evenings from 4:45pm.

If you’re not sure where to start (eCourse? Metabolic Balance? Just a consult? Here’s what we suggest….

Below is a list of common conditions we treat and our recommendations for ‘where to start.’ If you’re still unsure, drop us a quick email (appointments@thebalancednutritionist.com.au)

  • Weight loss: start with Habits for Health. Progress through and complete at least 4 weeks of stage 1 Back 2 Basics. (Note: you could work through both of these courses at the same time.) Book a consultation for additional support if needed. Once you have completed stage 1 B2B and Habits for Health, you could move onto Metabolic Balance with us.
  • Preconception: Book a consultation with us and state ‘preconception’ in booking notes. Download and read the preconception eBook available on this page and consider the Back 2 Basics course as well.
  • Pregnancy: Book a consultation with us and let us know how far along you are too!
  • Post partum: Book a consultation with us and let us know specifically how we can help you. Postpartum is such a precious time.
  • Digestive conditions (reflux, bloating / gas, mixed bowels, IBS etc.): Book a consultation with us and let us know specifically how we can help you. We may recommend you work through stage 1 of Back to Basics as well.
  • Thyroid / autoimmune / complex health conditions: definitely consider Metabolic Balance.
  • Type 2 diabetes / prediabetes: Start with Habits for Health and Book a consultation with us.
  • Just feeling ‘blah’ and needing to get back on track: Start with one of the eCourses, ideally Habits for Health then move onto Back 2 Basics if needed. Book a consultation for additional support if needed. Consider asking a friend or partner to work through the courses with you for additional support.

What can I expect from a 1 on 1 appointment?

The initial consultation is mainly fact finding. We review your full health history, any medications, diagnosed conditions are noted and all your symptoms are discussed. If you have copies of recent test results, particularly blood tests, please have them handy, BUT do not be concerned if you do not have access to copies. Getting to know you does take some time so we allow 70 minutes. We will often finish by asking you this question: ‘when did you last feel healthy? How did that feel?’

You will leave this appointment

a) feeling ‘heard’ and

b) with a few simple modifications to make to your current nutrition/lifestyle/supplement regime.

c) Possibly with supplement/s on their way to you via post. See note below on supplements please. (If your booking is for digestive concerns, preconception, pregnancy, or postpartum nutrition, it’s highly likely supplements will be strongly recommended). 

d) possibly with instructions to keep a detailed food and symptom diary for a number of weeks AND/OR a basic protocol to follow AND/OR or a ‘checklist’ of daily habits to bring into your routine.

Please ensure you read the change and cancellation policy before becoming a client at the bottom of this page.

The second consultation and subsequent consultations we may review some of what was discussed in the first consultation and we will:

  • Explain to you why you may be experiencing some of your symptoms from a nutritional medicine perspective
  • Review how you are feeling with the simple modifications we may have already made.
  • Recommend further lifestyle / exercise / dietary changes to implement
  • Change / add in / reduce your supplementation routine.
  • Recommend you move onto a program such as our Back 2 Basics program or the Metabolic Balance program.
  • Do what is necessary to support to develop healthy habits that will stick for long-term results.
  • Give you some idea of how long it may take for you to begin feeling yourself again.
  • Provide referrals if necessary for additional bloods/tests and/or write a letter to your GP or any other relevant health professionals you are seeing concurrently.
  • Review your food and symptom diary as this gives us ‘real time’ feedback

Why Zoom/phone only?

During COVID we were forced to adapt to online consulting and we made some interesting observations – mostly positive. a) People seemed less stressed from the very beginning – no getting stuck in traffic, fighting for a carpark etc. b) people are comfortable when speaking from their own space and seem to open up more quickly. c) its easy to grab supplements/  medications etc. and show us exactly what you are taking when speaking to us from home and d) we have little people in our lives so this is the model for now and the foreseeable future.

Written Advice

Please have a pen and paper handy during your consultation to jot down actions and recommendations. We also follow up consultations with a short email, summarising our discussion.

I’m interested in Metabolic Balance…

This program is a commitment of at least 3 months with the intention of releasing weight and regaining health for life – not just for a season. It’s typical for other symptoms to improve even in complex health conditions because this program is not just about weight loss. Rather, it’s about restoring your body to health, minimizing inflammation and then weight is released as a result. Read / listen to / watch full infomation about Metabolic Balance here.


Nutritional supplements have a place in the treatment of many conditions including fatigue, poor sleep (the cornerstone to good health), mental wellbeing, digestive function, preconception / pregnancy, cardiovascular issues and even weight loss. Vitamins and formulas available over the counter (OTT) are typically incredibly poor quality, not therapeutically dosed (i.e. they are weak) and also filled with fillers. There are very few OTT supplementations that we would recommend.

Therefore, we have our own, well stocked clinical dispensary on site of therapeutically graded formulas, without fillers. If we recommend supplementation we will advise how long we expect you to be on it, what effect it will have and explain to you the rationale for why you need it.

If you are already taking OTT supplementation please bring this with you. If we feel we can work with it we are happy for you to continue with it. If its poorly formulated (sometimes the label is worth more than the tablets inside, honestly) we can explain why and swap you to something appropriate if necessary.

Please note: we have had many new clients come and see us with literal bags full of expensive herbs and vitamins. This is utterly ridiculous. You will never walk out of our clinic with any more than 3 recommended supplements.


Q: Are you a dietitian? A: no I (Katie) and any consulting staff are registered, degree qualified Nutritionists. Chances are, you want to work with us because of our ethos and our reputation, not because of what letters come before or after our name. What’s the difference you ask? It’s a different degree… that’s really all I know honestly. Like I said I studied nutrition, not dietetics so unless I had studied both I can’t tell you exactly how they differ.

Q: Are you covered by Medicare A: no. Even if you have a ‘chronic care plan’ from your GP you can not claim through Medicare to see a Nutritionist. You should ask your GP for a specific person to see if you want to take advantage of a chronic care plan.

Q: Are you covered by NDIS. A: no.

Q: Do you do allergy testing? A: allergies and intolerances are very different. Allergy testing is generally looked after by a General Practitioner or immunologist. So no, we do not do allergy testing.

Q: Do you do intolerance testing? A: we can… technically. But we generally do not. We can usually pinpoint what the issue is without expensive testing. If you are absolutely positive you want to have ‘intolerance testing’ done then please seek another nutritionist as we honestly don’t do this type of testing unless it’s absolutely neeeded.

Q: Are you covered by private health funds. A: some. Please check your individual fund and ask the question ‘am I covered to see a Nutritionist?’ (note: some will cover dietitians but not nutritionists so please be specific as we don’t take responsibility for knowing the policies of every different private health fund). Also ensure that they are rebating on telehealth consultations – some will, some do not. There are over 90 different private health funds in Australia, so again, we do not know the rules and regulations of all policies so please direct enquiries to your fund, not to us.

Q: Are you registered? A: yes we are all registered nutritionists (and insured for that matter) with professional nutrition bodies.

See our FAQ page if you feel like you still have questions 🙂

Changes and Cancellations

We require 48 hours’ notice for changes to appointments/cancellations. Katie has to have her baby cared for when she is consulting, so we o ask you to respect this. If you change or cancel within 48 hours, the full appointment fee is payable. This goes both ways. If Katie is unable to attend at the last minute (#babylife) your appointment will be rescheduled and conducted at no cost to you. A 40% deposit is payable to secure your appointment.

Once again, you will be charged in full if you simply do not show up for the appointment. Under Australian Consumer Law, as a service based business who clearly states the cancellation policy, we are entitled to do this.

Consults conducted on Public Holidays

Please note, if your consultation falls on a public holiday, a deposit will be required to secure the booking as normal. In addition, you will be contacted 4-5 days in advance of the appointment to confirm, at which time full payment for the consultation will be required to hold onto your booking.