Having led clients through Metabolic Balance programs for the last 4 months with awesome results, I am excited to launch Metabolic Balance for Athletes. I am looking to take the first small group of athletes (4-6)  through this program commencing in the month of April.

Let’s recap on Metabolic Balance to begin with:

  • 4 phase food only nutrition program designed to re-balance hormones, correct inflammatory markers and find a healthy weight.
  • Complete food plan listing ideal proteins, vegetables, fruits and carbohydrates that are ideally suited to that person, noting that this food plan literally sets people up for life.
  • Designed and still backed by a German Medical team
  • Completely individual and based on each person’s own blood test results, measurements, health conditions (if any) and medication (if any).
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An appropriately structured Metabolic Balance plan for Athletes may:

  • Assist athletes to reach their ideal weight
  • Reduce inflammation and therefore optimize recovery and performance
  •  Take into account their overall health, not just their sporting goals
  • Provide them with a structured and individual day to day eating plan to maximize their potential

This is the FIRST small group I will be taking through Metabolic Balance for Athletes and as such I am offering it at a discounted rate for the first round only.

Eligibility: You need to

  • Be a runner (trail or road) or a triathlete or a cyclist or similar – this program is not suitable for those that need high amounts of muscle mass such as body builders.
  • Be willing to have 2 weeks completely OFF from your sport and focus only on stretching and ‘restorative exercise’ during this time. Following this a ‘lighter training load’ for a further 2 weeks is advised.
  • Be willing to work in a group situation, which may mean sharing health, training and personal details with other athletes in the group (all participants will need to sign confidentiality agreements to protect one another’s privacy. Max of 6 athletes will be taken).
  • Be willing to provide a testimonial at the conclusion of the program for marketing purposes provided the program has met your expectations.
  • Be available for the following group sessions:

-Saturday 7th of July 9am – 11am

-Saturday 14th of July 9am – 10am

-Saturday 21st of July 9am – 10am

-Saturday 4th of August 9am – 10am

-Saturday 18th of August 9am – 10am

-Saturday 1st of September 9am – 10am

-Saturday 22nd of September 9am – 10am

In addition to the above, I will need to see you for an initial, private one on one consultation no later than Saturday June 23rd. You will need to allow 75 minutes for this consultation.

Detailed body composition scans will be done individually to track progress at each of the above sessions. This is included in the program fees (outlined below).

If this sounds like the program you are looking for please send your interest via email katie@thebalancednutritionist.com.au or phone if you have further questions 07 3343 1602.


  • Initial consultation: $99 (usually $130)
  • Blood tests: approx $130 (payable directly to QML. Generally billed after blood is drawn and payable within 28 days)
  • Metabolic Balance plan generation: $360 (usually $399)
  • Group sessions: $55 per person (you may be able to claim a rebate on consultation costs if you have private health cover).