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Katie King



Let’s be clear on this from the start. I do have a balanced and reasonable approach to health. I don’t eat or live a perfect lifestyle nor will I ever pretend that I do. Realistically I know you won’t / aren’t perfect either. And that’s ok. We are doing the best we can and that’s what matters. I am not affiliated with any eating styles such as paleo, low carb, vegetarianism, vegan or anything else you can think if. I like aspects of all of these programs but I eat for me and I want to help you eat for you. We are ALL different; we have different lifestyles, genes and health conditions and being a good clinical nutritionist is about helping you work out your ideal nutrition.

Good nutrition and good health is also about having a healthy relationship with food. That’s something else I am big on. I will also talk to you about your lifestyle, your stress levels, your sleep quality, your job and maybe some other bits about your life. Nutrition is a holistic practice. We look at the entire picture.

Outside of my work, I keep things pretty simple. I really love to exercise everyday; I run with a local running club, I love walking especially through Toohey Forest and White’s Hill with my dog, I enjoy yoga and I do some strength work. Clearly, I’m not competitive in any of them, I just like that they all bring me something different.

I live with my husband Carl, who thankfully eats everything I feed him (and sometimes my creations are not great) and my rescue dog Karma who we bought home from the RSPCA adopt out on 15th September 2018. We love him. He’s a German Shepherd cross Kelpie. He keeps us honest with our exercise and also eats a real food diet… none of that packet stuff. He’s also pretty famous on my Instagram and Facebook pages. Finally, I do like growing stuff; herbs, flowers, plants… green things generally. Please admire the plants in my clinic when you come in for consultations.

I love shopping local and at markets and while I do enjoy cooking, I hate spending any longer than 15 minutes preparing a meal.

I look forward to getting to know you better some time too.