Who is Metabolic Balance suitable for? You…?

Many people book a consultation with me after following along for quite a few years. Usually they know someone who has worked with me in the past… but they aren’t sure if what I do is going to work for them. Or specifically, they aren’t sure who Metabolic Balance is suitable for. ‘Will Metabolic Balance work for me?’ they wonder.

Honestly, I can’t guarantee a specific result, but I can guarantee that people who come on board with me and see a full Metabolic Balance journey through to the end (roughly a 6 month journey) are changed humans. They aren’t the same people at the end compared with who they were when they began. They typically feel:

-Empowered when it comes to their own health

-Clear about what they should eat to fuel their own bodies to feel fantastic

-A lot more energetic!

-Lighter (physically and mentally) and healthier overall)

-Shocked at the sheer power and impact that food really has on how we feel and perform!

To give you an idea of the kind of everyday people who do the Metabolic Balance programs and experience really amazing results, here is a little synopsis of 3 recent clients who have done MB with me in the last 12 months.

Meet Janelle…..

Janelle is woman in her early 50s. She has PhD qualifications, working full time and has raised 4 children. All still live at home but are independent young adults. For roughly 8 years Janelle has felt her body change despite doing ‘the same thing she had always done – eating well and exercise a few times a week.’ In addition, her digestion was REALLY bothering her. She felt bloated ESPECIALLY by lunchtime and throughout the afternoon to the point where she really felt uncomfortable being in the office. She was also experiencing a lot of unwanted flatulance and this was stopping her from having a go at new things she would have liked to try including reformer pilates. Her only other complaint was fairly rubbish sleep quality and low energy overall.

Maybe you can relate to Janelle? Menopause is an interesting time for women… that ‘key’ you’ve always used to understand your body and give it what it needs and wants? Just doesn’t seem to fit anymore! You have to… relearn the ropes and undestand this new body and what makes it feel good.

Thankfully Metabolic Balance works beautiful in this situation and I find women in their mid 40s to mid 50s are my most common participants in MB… and biggest success stories. Janelle learned her foods – and did the program with absolute ease. Her digestion was calm within the first 2 weeks and she returned to a healthy and really comfortable physical body within 6 weeks.

Meet Craig….

Craig is an interesting one! Male, early 40s with a few kids and a ‘can not switch off, A type personality’ with a military background AND a professional sporting background to back it all up! Wowzer. Craig REALLY had to relearn how to care for himself. His ‘way’ for the last 30 years was to…. train his guts out. I mean literally. Then eat brocolli and chicken. Saunas. Water loading. Starvation. You name it – he had done it! Craig barely even knew how to switch off long enough to sleep! But Craig was soooo receptive to be a student and rewire his thinking. THIS was the key to his success. Craig is still relatively early in his journey but he is:

-Eating a HUGE variety of foods unlike what he has EVER done in the last

-LOVING his food and NOT missing meals and feeling NOURISHED

-SLEEPING! Like, he has even slept in a few times!

-Realised that training can be for enjoyment and mental wellbeing and is not for burning calories and sweating it out

-Has returned very quickly to a trim, healthy physique without blood, sweat or tears!

Craig has embraced everything. And again I stress… the willingness to rewire his thinking was TOTALLY the key to his success.

Meet Caroline.

Cheeky Caroline. Such a great attitude for a women who had been dealt a LOT to deal with. In a lot of ways Caroline was similar to Janelle… same age, some of the same complaints. But Caroline was also exxperiencing CHRONIC pain. And she was on a LOT of medication. Which comes with quite a LOT of side effects. Including digestive issues, sleep disturbances and terribly low energy. I feel terrible saying this but I wasn’t sure how Caroline would go in the begining. Her Metabolic Balance food plan was very different from what she was used to… but my goodness she embraced it and she did AWESOME. For Caroline, reducing weight was hugely important because it meant less pain and a lot more mobility and that she did – about 6 dress sizes last time I heard! But in addition? She experienced SIGNIFICANT reductions in her pain levels and was able to start reducing a lot of her medications. She redisovered a zest for life again and honestly was a completely different person… excitable again… just 6 months into the program.

So there you have it. 3 ordinary people. With their own stories. Can you relate to any of them? What will your Metabolic Balance story be?

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