Healthy Habits in 2023

Healthy habits 2023

Crikey I really can’t believe I’m doing something so cliche. Offering a ‘2023 health challenge’ that is. But… mine is a little bit different, I’d really like to think. Here’s what I’m hoping people will focus on in 2023 if they are setting some health goals for the new year:

  • Making sustainable changes…. that they really hope and want to last.
  • Focusing on ‘high level’ stuff that really makes a big difference over time. For example, drinking enough water every day…. and not putting any sugars in your coffee? THAT’S important stuff. Those habit changes matter. So does… doing more incidental movement each day (it all adds up) and getting enough sleep. What exercises will shape your butt best? I couldn’t care less.
  • Begining with the end in mind i.e. don’t ‘start’ a challenge thinking you’ll get a result and then just go back to what you are doing now… begin the challenge realising that you need to be living a different lifestyle and eating better foods by the end of it. If you just go back to what you are doing now? You will end up getting the same result
  • Doing things differently (i.e. perhaps doing things the way they are outlined above) in order to be in a very different place next year (i.e. not back at square 1 and needing to ‘get healthy all over again’
  • NOT focusing on the numbers. I’ve written many blogs about this! And spoken about it on The Happy Apple podcast too. Instead focusing on HEALTH. (The numbers changing is a side benfit of improving health.)
  • LEARNING about what works for THEIR OWN bodies and LISTENING to their own bodies too.
  • Being kind and patient with oneself. Rather than having a ‘go hard or go home’ / ‘all or nothing’ sort of attitude as THAT is unsustainable and you’ve heard me rave on many times about consistency over perfectionism.
  • Engaging with a supporting practitioner / coach and / or a supportive environment…. I think this is more positive than turning a challenge into a competition, right?

If all of this resonates with what YOU want then maybe you should consider joining the Healthy Habits for 2023 community challenge. Here’s what you get and what you need to do:

  • You need to jump over to my ‘ ecourses’ page and select the ‘cliek here to know more’ tab under the Habits for Health’ option.
  • PROVIDED you like what you read AND it resonates with you then actually BUY my Habits for Health ‘ecourse’ (its $69.)
  • You’ll receive login details within a timely fashion….
  • You need to READ Preparation lesson 1 and preparation lesson 2 and IDEALLY print out the ‘ Habits for Health’ workbook in the lesson downloads section…
  • THEN you need to COMMIT to being PRESENT in a series of webinars in late December, throughout January and into early February (the challenge will go for 6 weeks). It’s totally fine to not be present LIVE, all sessions will be recorded so you can watch them AFTERWARDS at a time that suits. Here are the dates and the topics we will cover in EACH webinar:
    • FRI DECEMBER 30th @ 1-145pm: Welcome to the Habits for Health challenge | Setting your goals and an overview of the course | Habit 1 and 7 hydration and incidental exercise
    • FRI 6th JANUARY @ 1-145pm: Habit 2 Ditching unhealthy snacks
    • FRI 13th JANUARY @ 1-145pm: Habit 5 and 6 Eat your greens and Self talk
    • FRI 20th JANUARY @ 1-145pm: Habit 9 Food planning
    • FRI 27th JANUARY @ 1-145pm: Habit 3 and 4 Optimising your sleep and self talk
    • FRI 3rd FEBRUARY @ 1-145pm: Habit 8 incidental exercise and supplements / medication
  • Participate as much or as little as you like in the Habits for Health challenge facebook group (private).
  • Make changes and be proud of yourself each week as we collectively progress through the course!

Note: you do NOT have to be social in the webinars if you don’t want to. You can be quiet and private or as excited and chatty as you like. You will receive details for the webinars AND be invited to join the community facebook group in a timely fashion once you have enrolled in the course and received log in details.

This course is honestly suitable for a wide range of people… I honestly believe ALL Of us need to revisit basic healthy habits (myself included) from time to time, so even I am looking forward to honing in and putting these foundational health habits into FIRM concrete.

If you’ve never worked with me before this is SUCH a great opportunity. Its less than half the cost of an initial consult with me so you don’t have much to lose… just better health to gain!

So… are you joining me? For any questions, just drop an email to katie@thebalancednutritionist.com.au

And regardless of whether you join, I do hope 2023 is both healthy and happy for you and your family.

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