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2017: Reversing Australia’s Health Crisis

Happy New Year

And welcome to 2017.
I spent the holiday period decompressing and considering my pathway forward for 2017. Over the break, I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of conflicting nutritional advice that popped up on my social media feed from others in the health industry ranging from personal trainers, weekender nutritionists and right through to PhD qualified industry leaders. If it was overwhelming for me, then I can only imagine what it’s like for the everyday person. In addition, the myriad of beautiful yet insanely complicated (not to mention expensive) recipes that pop up on Instagram these days…. Seriously. If it takes longer than 20 minutes in the kitchen (and it can’t be prepared in bulk), quite frankly, I’m really not interested. Plus bee pollen in smoothies, blue green algae, ‘detoxifying’ charcoal…. Hmmm, funky ingredients aren’t going to solve the global health crisis.

In order to get clear, I had to revisit my values and look where I was really needed to ascertain exactly where I am going to focus my energy this year. This is what I decided…..

We’re inaccessible.

The first thing that bothers me is that CAM (complementary medicine – the umbrella that I as a nutritional medicine practitioner falls under) is inaccessible. We might qualify for private health rebates, but Medicare doesn’t recognize us. Perhaps 2% of the population may book in to see a privately billed health practitioner when really, the other 98% need us far more.

Treatment and advice still needs to be individualized, so the face to face model is still important. Last year, I bought a clinic in Carindale where we also offer acupuncture, naturopathy, counselling kinesiology and massage. In order to reach more people who truly need us, we have come up with the concept of shared care consultations. Read more about that here.

N.B. 1 on 1 consultations still available, this is simply an additional service.

Chronic Disease

I’ll be shifting my focus more to chronic disease this year because the current epidemic isn’t acceptable. In particular, I’ll be focusing more on type 1 and type 2 Diabetes. Almost 2 million Australians are now living with diabetes and yet it’s a condition where diet is the single most effective management tool. Yet, diabetics aren’t getting the information that they need to stop the progression of their condition or reverse it. I’ll be tackling type 2 diabetes in a series of shared care consultations, face to face at my Carindale clinic beginning in February. You can read more about that here. Phone me (07 3398 1977) or email me to enquire / enrol.


I haven’t forgotten about you guys, but again I’ll be offering additional options for consulting. I’ll have a series of small group consultations launching in the next 6 weeks aimed at answering these questions and more:

-what you should be eating on a daily basis for recovery, performance, longevity
-how to fuel to prevent running out of gas
-what sports nutrition products are good and when to consider supplementation

No dates are finalized at this point, but if you are after the facts delivered to you simplistically so you can implement this stuff right away, then let me know you are interested please by contacting me here. I’m taking 5 people at a time – no more. (1 on 1 still available).

No Fluff

In line with my values, I’ll be continuing to deliver the facts based on evidence, research and what gets results in a clinical setting.
Nutrition, lifestyle and complementary medicine can make a massively positive difference in the world, but the fluffy stuff isn’t really cutting it. In addition, you can forget about finding the perfect diet or that magic supplement to solve everyone’s ailments – we are all individuals, and many people now have serious health complications so the one size fits all model just isn’t going to work.
I look forward to working with more people in 2017 who are prepared to put the work in alongside me to restore health and start living.
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