It’s December. That means 2 things are inevitable. Firstly, people are getting positively pogged on Christmas food and drinks (pogged is currently my favourite word, I find it hilarious). Secondly, the inevitable ‘new year’s resolution’ discussions are going to flow shortly – amongst friends, families and of course the media.

Both of these particular things have something interesting in common. That is, they produce an instant feeling of euphoria which is inevitably followed up by intense disappointment. Take the former. Overindulging at a Christmas party on rich food and alcohol might be fun at the time… but it doesn’t feel so grand the next day. If it happens a couple of times this month and of course on Christmas day than I definitely think that’s fair enough. (I’m all about balance

Balancing coffee in 1 hand and champagne in the other at a Christmas breakfast on the weekend….

and reality as we know – proof to the right!). BUT it’s just an awful feeling when your healthy diet and lifestyle goes completely out the window for the ENTIRE Christmas season. Waking up sluggish, feeling inflamed, sore in the joints, bloated, low in energy, ‘fluidy’ and generally crap is not a good way to enjoy the holidays.

The New Year’s Resolution game generally follows a similar pattern. I found a number of articles written by psychologists on the very subject of ‘why new year’s resolutions don’t work’ available here and here. One reason given was that the act of stating a new year’s resolution requires basically no effort… so there’s no preparation that goes in to work out how to actually achieve it. Secondly, most new year’s resolutions tend to be quite grand and don’t take into account the importance of taking small steps towards a goal and changing habits sustainably.

Since both of these particular issues are related to health (well, most NY’s resolutions are at least) I definitely feel that I can offer a solution here. Firstly, I want you to consider what aspects of your health haven’t been optimal this year. Maybe you are constantly exhausted and sluggish, perhaps you have chronic IBS, maybe you have a skin condition or maybe you really need to lose weight in order to avoid some serious chronic diseases taking hold. Think about what it would mean to you, how you would feel and what kind of life you could lead if these things were better managed. Now, you have really tied some value to a goal and visualized what you want to achieve. Secondly, I want you to consider getting started on this new vision NOW. That’s right, NOW. In December. Scary thought isn’t it? But guess what? This takes care of the first conundrum of drinking and eating your way through the month feeling ‘pogged’ but not actually being present to the really important things this Christmas. Because it’s likely with me by your side you are less likely to ‘let it all go’ and simply enjoy the odd treat here and there without completely writing yourself off. In addition, you won’t really be setting yourself up for a failed new year’s resolution. You will have put far more time and effort into formulating a really important goal for your future and you will be working alongside someone to help you towards it one sustainable habit at a time.

And finally, a big congratulations for those new clients who have come in to see me in the last week and are still booking up for the next few weeks. And the ones that are ready and waiting to begin Metabolic Balance – the hormone balancing / health restoring / weight release program I am now offering. Again, a program that works over time – 3 to 4 months to be exact – requiring consistent commitment, attention to the individual and hard work. These are the types of clients I really like to work with. Thanks for making my December not so lonely :).

Here’s to a FUN, but BALANCED December and the healthiest 2018.