Habits for Health

Recently, we released another eCourse, ‘Habits for Health’ which you can read more about here. Although it’s a simple course, and will set you back just $39, I believe… its the most important work I’ve created to date. Why? Well, I’ve been a Nutritionist for over 8 years now and I’ve helped many different people with very different goals. No matter the person and no matter the goal…there are still a number of foundational habits that must be established first and foremost as a cornerstone of good health. These foundational habits ARE the content of the Habits for Health course. In some way, shape or form I will endevour to encourage EVERY client who sees me, to adopt each of these habits, no matter what their reason for seeing me in the first place may be. THAT’S why its so exciting! These foundational habits are now in a ‘teachable’ format that can be accessed by anyone at anytime who has a genuine interest in being their healthiest and happiest self… for life.

This is NOT a fad course. It is NOT an 8 week course. It is NOT a ‘take a selfie before and after’ course. It’s about working at your own pace, making sure that each habit is well and truly formed and ‘sticks’ and then keeping these habits for a lifetime. Warning: if you choose to embark on the Habits for Health course it will change your life. You may not even recognise yourself when you come out the other end.

In a world obsessed with instant change…. promising you a new body overnight…. selling you the latest pill, potion or metabolic supplement to help you look younger, skinner and less wrinkly… I’m heat to say ‘forget that crap.’ You are you. And you are pretty great. But you deserve to be the BEST version of you. And there is NO magic formula… NO magic pill…. YOU are the magic. Habits for Health is about helping you change your lifestyle and adapt 9 foundational habits that will simply allow your magic to shine. Honestly, I’d love it if every client I ever saw worked their way through this course before they even booked an appointment – I honestly feel I’d be just about redundant!

It’s just $39 by the way. You can check it out here. Let’s all start saying no to fads and just live better. That’s what this is about. And you are so very worth it.

“Each tiny habit is like an atom. It will only result in a very small change. But each atom is part of a larger system… and each atomic habit will contribute to a massive changë.” (James Clear, author of Atomic Habits)

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