It’s ‘That’ Time of Year….

It’s ‘that’ time of year. Where 2 things are inevitable. Firstly, spring has sprung… and with it, the insatiable desire to ‘shed the winter coat.’ The second sure thing in September is the marketing crap we are all about to be hit with. The gyms will go a bit nuts with Spring specials, the weight loss products will be thrown in our faces with unrealistic promises (and nothing but your wallet in mind) and there will be lots of final 8 and12 week challenges to squeeze in just before the build up to the silly season.

And yes, I suppose this is another one of those offers. I am, admittedly looking for a few new clients (or existing ones who perhaps need to touch base) to work with as the weather warms up and we can embrace a bit of Spring motivation. However, whatever ‘program’ or ‘product’ you choose to work with as you emerge from your winter hiatus, how about you do it a bit differently this time and consider…..

-Short and fast is NOT necessarily healthy or sustainable. How many times have you fallen for that little trick? Actually, habits that last are built over many days, months… even years. Where you are in a week is irrelevant if its not going to last.

-You do need to make time for ‘change.’ If you want to truly embark on a healthier lifestyle journey…. you need to have the time to a) shop for fresher, better food b) prepare said food c) get out and start moving. If you can’t do this, then what ARE you actually hustling for after all? If you don’t have your health… what do you actually have?

-You really DON’T want to work with a company or person who makes you feel terrible about yourself from the outset. I wrote an article about this not long ago – ‘Belittling Marketing and why we should push against it – you should check it out. You are actually an AWESOME person exactly as you are, no matter where you are at. It’s fab that you are committed to even greater things, but you must be confident and happy as you are RIGHT NOW. On any health journey, you must be your own best friend and cheerleader. If you don’t love yourself now, its going to be a lonely, tough road, with lots of self loathing, self sabotage and unhappiness.

-If you want a different result… you’ll need to do something differently – this time. Were you in the same position this time last year? And the year before that? And the year before that? Well, instead of looking for the next quick, generic, one size fits all approach that promises overnight success…. do it differently. Get real support. Realise its a lifelong journey, not a destination. Look at the bigger picture – not next week’s results. The Metabolic Balance program is a MINIMUM of 6 months duration and its tailored to your blood tests.

-DON’T FOCUS on the NUMBERS! If you’ve been following me for a while, you will know that I’m not that fond of numbers. Do you genuinely need to lose weight to return to a healthy weight range? Ok, that’s fine. BUT the weight loss is a side effect. A side effect of gaining health. And it should not be the focus OR the be all end all OR a reason to stop or continue. You can read so much more about why focusing on numbers is NOT a great idea here.

-I could continue on and on and on… but I’ll just add one more. Please be willing to work on your relationship with food. Because that is what drives your food choices. For that matter, you must also work on your relationship with exercise as its linked with your relationship with food too. You can listen to 2 really solid episodes on the Happy Apple podcast (my own personal podcast) covering these 2 topics here.

So, on that note, if you’d like to do things a little differently and work together for a while (with me that is) with the ‘end in mind’ i.e. the rest of your life you can start by reading what to expect and then book a discovery call here.

I’m waiting to hear from you.

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