I think lots of people wonder what I actually do every day. I’m sitting here on Friday afternoon reflecting on the week that was and making sure I’ve finished off all the files that have been opened since Tuesday. Here’s a little peep of the action from the last few days:

  • A lovely young adolescent with a multitude of symptoms and an autoimmune condition has been with me for about a month now. We have resolved some digestive symptoms and we are working on managing some severe joint pain she’s experiencing.
  • I’ve been working with a new client for the last few weeks who has had a lifelong chronic skin condition. There are lots of foods that are aggravating this condition so we are doing some very specific gut work which will allow us to introduce more variety back into his diet over the weeks and months to come so that we can avoid any future nutrient deficiencies.
  • This week I’ve sent out half a dozen letter to General Practitioners. Quite a lot of my clients recently had have blood tests done privately (mostly to get started on Metabolic Balance) and if any result comes back out of range, I copy the GP into the tests with a forwarding letter. This means everyone’s in the loop and the GP can scope anything that might need urgently attending too.
  • Some clients send me a food and symptom diary each week. I’ll go through this and email back if required in between their appointments. This is not necessarily for weight loss – mostly its where someone is experiencing a lot of digestive discomfort. By logging it in a diary, we can see if its occurring after meals or all the time, what kind of pain it might be, when the symptoms are most severe, if bowel habits are regular etc. We can also start to see if there are any correlations with stress or certain foods. It’s most helpful in really painting the picture of what’s happening and potentially why.
  • I had 2 clients reach the end of their first week on Metabolic Balance® this week. Both have had good results with some good weight loss in the first week, but even more importantly symptoms like joint pain and sleep significantly improving.

That was a snippet of my ‘week that was’ and I’m back for more tomorrow. In the midst of this I was creating chaos in my kitchen working on Metabolic Balance® recipes. Some successful…. some not so successful admittedly (they won’t make the book!) How was your week? Anything I can help you with that might make your life healthier and happier?

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