End of Year ‘Metabolic Balance’ offer

As the end of year quickly approaches you may be thinking about your health and wellbeing and making it a priority for 2022. Where were you this time last year? In the same place? What did you ‘start’ but not see through in January? Or perhaps you started something but it just didn’t quite work for you….

Metabolic Balance is my favourite program to take clients through because it is more comprehensive and individualised than any other program that I am aware of. The essence of Metabolic Balance is personalised nutrition; eating the exact right foods to bring your body back to optimum health and balance. In addition, its highly supported and structured, increasing the chances of long term habit change.

As its already November, we’re offering something special to those of you who are serious about embarking on Metabolic Balance come January (you can start straight away if you like…. or start your program in January!). Here’s what we have to offer you:
A complimentary 30 minute consultation to take medical history and confirm Metabolic Balance is a suitable program for you (initial consultations are ordinarily $149).

Complimentary access to our online course ‘Habits for Health’ (value $59) to give you some structure and boundaries to work inside of between now and starting your actual Metabolic Balance program. (The Habits for Health course is a great ‘lead in’ to Metabolic Balance as it sets some fantastic healthy foundations, but will still allow you to enjoy the festivities of Christmas).

So you’re really interested and you’re wanting to take advantage of this offer….

Before booking your complimentary consultation, you MUST read all of the information about Metabolic Balance on this page here AND watch the video at the bottom of that page so that you have a full understanding of everything the program involves.


Email katie@thebalancednutritionist.com.au with the subject line ‘Metabolic Balance for 2022.’ In the email body confirm you have read and watched the information about Metabolic Balance and want to start the program in 2022 (or before if you are super keen). We will then give you a call / email and offer you some times for your consultation. (There are various consultation time slots available including lunchtimes, after hours and a few Saturdays.)

Note that full payment for the program is required at the time of ordering your Metabolic Balance program. There are only 10 spots available for this offer.

What are you wishing for in 2022? Your healthiest, happiest self? This is your sign.

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