The 12 Days of Christmas ‘Challenge’

December is JUST around the corner and we all know that means Santa will be on his way soon too. As well as Santa Clause’s belly. Well… there’s Santa’s actual belly and then there’s the Santa Claus belly that creeps on during December. That extra belt loop you let out for the silly season… the spare tire that mysteriously grows during the festive month…yup, it’s a danger to us all! And it just creeps up! By the time Christmas day actually rolls around you might have pushed your limits on the drinkies and the festive food so much already that you don’t even enjoy that specially prepared dinner with all the trimmings.

And THAT is precisely why I have created for this year…. The 12 Days of Christmas ‘Challenge.’

What is it?

It’s a closed Facebook group.
It’s open to anyone who is interested.
It’s run by yours truly.
And it’s about me setting a healthy intention for us all each day and then all of us following through on it….

These aren’t tremendously difficult tasks. I’m talking about little things like saying no to a second coffee. Or making sure you’re actually hydrated. Adding some extra greens to your plate. All very doable actions at a moment’s notice. BUT actions that WILL make a difference to how you are feeling and WILL see you sail through December in a ‘balanced’ way….. A little champagne here and there… and some green tea and extra broccoli to balance it out.
It’s all about accountability. Being able to enjoy the festivities without going overboard. To feel happy and content but NOT pogged. To know that there is a little community of people around you that also want the same. To NOT feel guilty about having a few extra treats BUT not so many extras that you simply feel sick and tired. You’re already run down at this time of year. Tired. Hanging for some holidays. So it’s really important we look after ourselves in this way too and actually get some REST during Christmas without eating and partying ourselves into a stupor.

So…. sound like a good idea and you want in? Just search for the private group here, answer a couple of questions and you will be welcomed into our little group. Invite your partners, friends, and coworkers too if you really want to be accountable and surround yourself with a dream team. We kick things off on December 1, running through until December 12. There’s nothing else you need to know right now so see you in there!

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