Expectations versus Reality…..

I’m just about to blow another major truth bomb that you probably know is true… but, yes things would be easier if it weren’t. Let’s have a chat about expectations versus reality because, in the vast majority of clients I see, these two don’t line up which leads to a wee bit of initial disappointment. Once we have ‘this chat’ that disappointment generally fades away, but let’s have this chat now so that it’s never there in the first place.
Your expectations may be…..

  • that ‘gut health’ can be rectified quickly and easily – that there is some magic probiotic or weird and wonderful food that will fix all…..
  • that you’ll be back into the same clothes you wore in your 20s in 3 months time (which was 20 plus years ago….)
  • that you’ll start ‘eating all this healthy food’ and lose a stack of weight in a few really short weeks….
  • that ‘it will be hard work but then it’s done’ and wahoo – time to celebrate.

Out of these 4, you may be able to relate in some way to at least one of them. Let’s ‘unpack’ each of these and look at their coinciding reality.
The actual reality is….

  • Gut health is a lifelong ‘thing’ Sure, some probiotics can be reality helpful… but a probiotic is one small tablet with a few million strains. That’s like a drop in the ocean when it comes to the ecosystem that is your gut. You want to look after your gut health? It’s all the unglamorous stuff! Keep your stress low, heaps of vegetables and a bit of fresh fruit each day, minimise the processed stuff and the high sugar stuff, drink ample water and maybe add some ferments…. (think yoghurt – not the sweetened kind – and sauerkraut etc.) 
  • Our bodies and the way the function (and thrive) change as life goes on. Despite what the slew of marketing says that gets thrown our way…. your healthy body at 40 or 50 will be different to your healthy body at 20. And that’s ok. It’s probably done a lot for you over 2-3 decades so give it some lee way! 
  • Healthy weight loss is 1/2-1kg a week. Yes, sometimes initially it can be a tiny bit faster… and sometimes, it can stall too. Its literally impossible to predict how quickly or slowly someone will lose weight. So when you see a promise like ‘lose 10kg in 8 weeks….’ the person marketing that has no idea what they are talking about. No one can make those promises. Your body will find its healthy place at its own pace in its own time. The solution to this is to simply STOP tying your happiness and ‘success’ to a number and focus on the much bigger picture. The bigger picture? In a nutshell, when you look after yourself you just feel happier and healthier. Damn it that’s a great reason. 
  • There’s no ‘done.’ This is the biggest issue with the nutrition and health industry… well dare I say the word, the ‘diet industry.’ It’s all about timespans. 10 weeks here, 8 weeks there, 12 weeks to a new you. Actually – it never ends. Change your thinking and consider that you are learning how to take care of yourself and that learning is a journey that will last forever. There will be ups and downs but there is no ‘end.’ To ‘end’ is to simply go back to the way you were feeling before which was probably not optimal.

I’m sorry I’m not Miss Blondie with an 18 pack on instagram telling you that you can look like her in 6 weeks with some magic powder and 2.5 hours of exercise a day… I’m just trying to do the job I really like and help you to cut out the noise out there. 
Chat soon… here’s the link to book online!

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