End of Financial Year Price HOLD

Can you believe it’s June? And just like that, the freezer is turned ON and the days just seem impossibly short. I am positive it was early February last week and we were all resettling into our routines. I am positive the years go by faster and faster. 
Of course, with the end of the financial year come tax time and consequently, I’ve been reviewing some of my prices over the last few weeks. There will be a small price rise (roughly 3.5-4%) on the Metabolic Balance program come the beginning of the new financial year. This reflects a cost increase on the value of the Metabolic Balance plans (these come from headquarters in Germany) that was put in place over a year ago, which I simply did not pass on. 
So…. that brings us to June. With 30 days remaining in this financial year, this may be a good time to finally embark on your Metabolic Balance journey. If you’ve been thinking about it… this is your sign! What’s Metabolic Balance for those that have no idea?

  • A personalised food program designed completely, uniquely for you.
  • No shakes or supplements – just good, wholesome food.
  • Based on your personal comprehensive pathology results (blood tests) as well as ‘symptom picture.’ I.e. do you have irritable bowel, a thyroid condition, menopausal symptoms, etc. to consider?
  • Plan designed by the Metabolic Balance team in Germany, consisting of medical doctors and nutritionists. Metabolic Balance is available in many countries around the world and is based on decades of research. 
  • Comprehensive support and guidance across the 4 phases of Metabolic Balance provided by me across a minimum of 7 consultations; roughly 6 months or more.  
  • What happens when you eat right for yourself? Just extraordinary things I suppose….. 

“Katie at The Balanced Nutritionist was recommended to me by a friend. The best recommendation I’ve ever had. I find Katie’s approach very professional but in a very personal way and talking with her via zoom or on the phone is easy and I feel relaxed taking about my issues. These are weight issues and with Katie’s guidance I have been able to shed the weight and continue to do so. My new meal plan is just so easy to follow and implement. My new way of life, thanks to Katie

“I seriously can’t believe how amazing I feel. I just feel so normal. I don’t need coffee to keep going. I don’t yawn all the time. I’m sleeping better. I don’t have cravings. It’s crazy, totally crazy how much food influences how you feel… I had no idea.”

The complete program includes the actual personalised plan from Germany as well as 7 prepaid consultations with a current package price of $1350. Paypal pay in 3 is available – 3 payments of $450 spread across 6 weeks.

If you’re genuinely interested in a comprehensive food journey to better health and establishing a new lifestyle in which you really know how to a) have balance but b) really take care of yourself as well…. then June is your month.

For existing clients, please drop me an email katie@thebalancednutritionist.com.au with the subject ‘June offer.’ 

For new clients, please book a new consultation here and we can go from there. Alternatively, phone Michelle on 07 3063 2710 and she may be able to offer you additional availability if you can not find something to suit.

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