This week in the news, we’ve seen:

  1. The couple who survive on a diet of fruit and fruit alone (and who do not brush their teeth just to sensationalize that a little more…)
  2. The new ‘satiety’ miracle pill that’s soon to be available through GPs and pharmacies (i.e. a miracle pill that stops you from eating so much because it makes you feel full…) and
  3. Why you can’t bite into a strawberry anymore without fearing for your life due to needle contamination.

Is it any wonder you are confused? I’ve had a handful of new clients this last few weeks who literally do not know what to eat anymore.

Firstly, let’s remember that what you read may… (truth bomb coming) not be the whole story. I know, crazy to thing that newspapers and magazines these days may not print the entire story, right?

Second, let’s remember that you are you. And there is no one else that is youer than you (thanks Dr Seuss). You may ‘do life’ a little differently to me. You may have have different circumstances, health considerations, ethical considerations, activity levels, intolerances, allergies and symptoms from me. So it’s ok if we all eat a little differently. Ok? Just because your friend is following some kind of program that’s making her feel amazing, doesn’t mean its going to work for you.

Third, let’s remember the basics. Real food. Get some protein on the plate. Anything green is ALWAYS a bonus and should be included in at least 2 of your main meals. Some carb – think fruit, starchy vegetables or wholegrains… not chips, lollies and chocolate.  And water. Lots of water. Mainly water… water and nothing else perhaps.

(Side note: Item 1 above, really doesn’t meet ‘the basics’ at all, so I don’t recommend you try that one at home. K?)

And if what to eat is still causing you stress than let’s navigate that together. Come on in. I’ll listen to your concerns. Work out what you need. And tweak it so you feel good. Contact me here for an appointment (I’m now available Mondays too!)

The ‘noise’ that seems to be causing the biggest issues include concepts like: ‘dairy is inflammatory,’ ‘red meat is bad for you,’ ‘gluten is the devil,’ ‘carbs are evil,’ ‘olive oil is out and coconut oil is in,’ ‘veganism is the way.’

Hmmm. Noise is not worth listening too or reading about. Get some professional help. At the end of the day, you could google ‘is broccoli bad for me’ and you’ll find plenty of reasons why it’s actually the devil! The great big world of Google may have solved some problems, but it sure has caused a fair few as well!

Oh… and wondering whether you should do a spring detox? Get onto to our latest episode of the Nourished Wrap and we’ll break that question down for you too!

Anyway. My wish for you today is that you simply sit down and eat. Don’t stress about it. Just have a couple  of good meals that include ‘the basics’ outlined above. And don’t overthink it.

If you can do that regularly, I can promise you will be healthier than 98% of the population. And if the other 98% of the population followed suit, I’d be out of business.

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