Maybe it’s time to give up social media?

I don't plan to miss a single seagull chasing, windswept moment if I can help it!

Like we have. Well… almost. 3 posts for 2022 isn’t our usual frequency. It certainly won’t help us to maintain our ‘algorithm.’ Or keep google in love with us. I no longer care. I can’t keep up anyway… I have no interest in making boomerang videos or TikTok or whatever the latest ‘craze’ is. I’m far better off devoting my ‘on’ time to being fully present to my clients and hearing their issues and being fully present to my family when I’m off.

More so than ever before, the message coming to me from clients is ‘total and utter confusion.’ I THOUGHT the messaging in the ‘food’ world couldn’t get more confusing but it seems it has. Every influencer seems to be touting different food trends, using a different ‘product,’ and sending a different message about what is ‘good’ and what is ‘bad.’ Put this mixed messaging in conjunction with imagery of bodies without crinkles, folds, rolls or a single freckle (i.e. not real! bodies!) and you’ve got a recipe for something beyond confusion…. You’ve got a recipe that is totally and utterly destroying people’s self-esteem, causing them to question absolutely everything, overriding all common sense, and making people simply ‘give up’ and ‘just do whatever.’

Is this YOU? Oh yeah, it feels like I’m talking RIGHT to you, hey? You are NOT alone. NEVER before have we had to view what we read, be it on our news feed OR in the news, with SUCH an aggressive filter. Time to take back control of your own mind, switch that commonsense meter back on, and find a strategy for healthy living that works for YOU.

Whilst you do that, let me remind you of some basic TRUTHS, that AREN’T touted on socials because they simply aren’t glamorous enough….

  • Water is king. Just start by getting hydrated.
  • Whole foods is where it’s at. Just skip the packaged stuff and add more vegies to your plate as a start.
  • Move. For 5 minutes or 50 minutes. Anything is good. What sort? Well… what sort of movement do you like? Do what you love.
  • Do things that make you feel joyful and happy. And if that feeling dissipates when you scroll your newsfeed… then give it up!

ALL of the above is actually addressed in our Habits for Health course! A beautiful self-paced, online course that you can do in your own time, to develop foundational habits that are achievable AND will serve you for a lifetime. For $59, it’s worth checking out and you’ll feel like a champion as you work your way through it. That’s probably not how you feel when you scroll socials. 

We’re going to be popping important announcements and the odd bit of ‘helpful’ information, plus the odd food or recipe idea on socials… but beyond that, you’ll just have to keep up to date with our newsletter and podcast to stay in the loop. I won’t be tiktoking or boomeranging or running around semi-nude with kale in my hand to keep up my algorithm. Life happens OFF our devices after all. Don’t miss any of those seagull chasing, beachy, windswept, precious moments… it’s the little things after all.

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