Welcome to 2022: let’s do things differently

Welcome to 2022, merry belated Christmas and happy new year to all of you!

I sincerely hope you’ve had a lovely break; a nice mix of peace, fun, good food, great company and fresh air. That basically sums up mine!

A few changes are coming to the way we practice for 2022. These changes SHOULD have been instated long ago as I feel they will greatly improve the service I can offer, but I’m now making them official.

At the Balanced Nutritionist, we have no interest in helping people feel better for just a few short weeks or months. I really want to help you learn what works best for your body, develop a great lifestyle and be a healthy version of you long term. I have found over the years that the longer I work with someone, and the more we focus on making small changes over time but ensuring they really stick…. the better that clients results are. These clients that are in it for the ‘long haul’ also don’t tend to fall back to where they started from when we stop working together. For this reason, I’ve made the following changes to our bookings and processes effective from 2022:

  • All new client bookings ($189) will include access to my ‘Habits for Health’ eCourse. Within a short time of booking your appointment, you will receive access to this course and you can begin working through it as soon as you like. Some of this course work will be discussed in our early consultations. I truly believe these foundational healthy habits are critical for everyone, no matter where you are starting from in terms of your health.
  • New clients who are really keen to reach a healthy weight, will be especially encouraged to complete the ‘Habits for Health’ course. An elimination program or the Back to Basics protocol may follow and finally the Metabolic Balance program may be recommended.
  • Reaching a ‘magic number’ will not be the focus of our time together…. in fact, we may focus less on the scales than you would like, especially initially. Reaching a healthy weight is a holistic process that takes time… and I have no interest in helping you get there fast and then bounce back even quicker.
  • I won’t shy away from discussing the ‘practical stuff’ with you. I.e. food planning, fitting in movement, getting enough sleep…. rearranging a few things to make healthy lifestyle practices doable basically. Why? Because getting these systems and processes in place will help them stick for much longer.

Basically, if you want a 2 week detox or an 8 week challenge… you’ve come to the wrong place. If you are pretty keen to really get to know your body, ride the highs and lows, be ‘real,’ make genuine time for yourself and some healthy practices and realise there is no ‘magic bullet’ there is just ‘mostly good choices’ to be made…. then I’m right here. I currently have space for new clients from the end of January… the early weeks are fairly booked up. You can lock in a time here. Please ensure you drop some information in your booking notes too.

Wishing you a fab start to 2022!

Additional notes: if you purchase habits for health and then become a client later, we will deduct the cost of Habits for Health from your booking fee. Also note that all consultations are via zoom as we service clients across Australia.

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