The Habits for Health Transformation Program

Firstly, here’s how this program came to fruition…

A couple of years into my work as a Nutritionist, I began to notice something interesting. Clients came to me… they got results with their health… and then 1 of 2 things occurred. The first was that they went off on their own, maintained the changes we had implemented, and continued on a fairly healthy trajectory on their own. Alternatively, they left my practice, kept things going for a few months, and then… just lost their way and fell back into old routines. Honestly, it was more often the latter scenario. I noticed that the longer a client worked with me, the more likely they would be consistent when left to their own devices. I also noticed that the more regularly they worked with me, the more confident and more consistent they were with the healthy changes they had made. Thirdly, I noticed that the more gradual, but also deliberately we made changes, the more they really ‘stuck’ long term.

Summary: regular check-ins | over a longer period of time | slow, deliberate changes…

Something else I noticed… There were common ‘baseline’ healthy habits important for ALL the clients I worked with, no matter the reason they booked in to see me. These baselines and healthy habits seemed to help with a wide range of concerns and are habits we should ALL be doing daily. These baseline habits are EXACTLY what we focus on in this program. No matter where you are right now with your health, these habits will help you feel better in ways you didn’t think possible. Furthermore, these habits (when implemented) result in LASTING change. Being spoon-fed a meal plan and sold 8 weeks of shakes does NOT last. You learn nothing about yourself, or how to help YOU because you are simply following a program robotically. Life is not robotic. And neither are you. In order to create lasting change, you need to understand your body, what it needs, how to listen to your body, and how to be kind to yourself. All of these skills will develop over the next couple of months in this program. We will be working on nourishing you physically and mentally. So, there you have it.

Here’s what you can expect…

  • Weekly group zoom consult discussing the focus for the following week (these zoom consults will be held on a Friday, late morning / lunchtimeish each week so check you are available first!)
  • A program that is 8 weeks in duration 
  • A workbook to guide you through each week – and yes you do need to do a bit of actual work in the workbook (it can remain private; it does not need to be shared with anyone). 
  • Each week we will be working on 1-2 ‘habits’ at a time… e.g. drinking enough water and adding additional vegetables to your plate. 
  • Each week we will also focus on mindset and select affirmations. These will assist you to change your mindset around food and improve your relationship with food and yourself. 
  • A support forum (private) will be set up for members of the program on Facebook to encourage regular interaction, consistent support, and encouragement. 

I am worthy of taking care of myself. I enjoy looking after myself.   

Here’s what NOT to expect:

  • There will be absolutely no discussion about weight, weight loss, weight gain, or weight in any shape, size, or form.
  • There will be no reference to calories or macronutrients. 
  • The word diet will never be mentioned. 

In this habits program, you will get out exactly what you put in. You won’t be spoon-fed but if you follow the program and truly embrace it, you will think about food and YOU more positively than you ever thought possible. You will also feel really good – more energetic, happier, and healthier.

The cost is $30 per week for 8 weeks. We kick off Friday the 3rd of June.

You do also NEED to book an initial consultation with me (70 minutes) asap to have a chat about where you are right now, go through your health and medical history and ensure this is the right move for you right now. In the booking notes please say ‘interested in transformation program.’  We have spots available on TUESDAYS for new consults (via online bookings) and a few available on Fridays too.

If you are already a client and you want to come on board, no worries – just drop me an email! katie@thebalancednutritionist.com.au

Let’s talk more in our upcoming consultation. There are 8 spots available.

I look forward to meeting you!

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